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Effective June 6,2020 from New Jersey Wing Commander Basic Encampment 2020 has been canceled  

Fellow members of NJ Wing,

It is with deep regret that I'm announcing the cancellation of the NJ Wing 2020 Basic Encampment for this summer.  I have not arrived at this decision easily.

I now realize as we approach those activity dates that conditions in our state have not improved enough to allow us to accept reasonable risk.  As it stands right now, overnight and residence camps in the state of New Jersey are prohibited by executive order.  There is no estimated time for that restriction to be lifted.  The health and safety of our members must come first, and I cannot accept uncertain risk on your behalf under the current conditions.  

I'm thankful and appreciative for the incredible hard work of the staff, trying to accomplish the impossible.  I realized there simply is no way we can provide the the time-honored "Encampment experience" we have all come to expect:  Cadets spending Flight time in the barracks reliving the day's events while polishing boots and preparing uniforms for the next day; meals in the air-conditioned mess hall; MREs at the Obstacle Course; crowding shoulder-to-shoulder into the tiny RAPCON to learn how air traffic controllers work; tours, bus rides, hours of drill, and PT.  That's what's made each of our Encampments unforgettable across the generations of CAP cadets; and that's what this year's Cadets deserve, too.

Waivers and other accommodations are in place for you to keep progressing in the Cadet program without an Encampment this year.  We will continuously monitor our circumstances in the backdrop of the CoronaVirus pandemic, and find innovative ways to train and grow until we can deliver the "Encampment experience" you all deserve.

Stay strong, stay healthy.  CAP and NJ Wing will be even more amazing on the other side of this crisis.

Thank you all for what you do!

Col Joe Abegg, CAP
Commander, New Jersey Wing
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
(609) 605-0607
U.S Air Force Auxiliary