The New Jersey Wing Basic Encampment 2019 (BE19) staff would like to take this opportunity to explain some of what your cadet will experience during the week-long encampment.  For many cadets, this may be their first time away from home and it can be an adjustment for both the cadet and for you, the parent.  We want to assure you that your cadet will be well taken care of, and that the staff is committed to ensuring your cadet will learn more about CAP and develop excellent leadership skills while having a great time.

Civil Air Patrol holds to the highest of standards for cadet protection requiring all CAP officers working with your cadet to have completed background checks, including fingerprint checks, and the Cadet Protection Training to ensure your cadet is safe at every Civil Air Patrol event.  CAP also holds high standards protecting cadets from hazing, verbal and physical abuse.  It is our goal to provide the utmost safe and secure environment for your cadet.

Periodically, we do have cadets who become unbearably homesick, which may require an officer contacting you by phone and discussing with you how to help your cadet adjust from being away from home.  More often than not, having the parent talk to the cadet and encouraging them to stay and stick it out has been successful in helping them continue on with the Encampment.   At anytime you feel your cadet needs to be released from the Encampment and return home, we will support your decision and do our best to encourage the cadet to come back the next year and try again.  There have been many cadets who have come back the next year and successfully completed the encampment.

In the event of a medical emergency, the BE19 staff includes personnel available to attend to your Cadet 24/7 if the need arises.  Safety is one of the highest priorities at our encampments, and cadets are instructed in risk management and briefed on safety issues on a continual basis during the week.  The safety and risk management skills taught to your cadet are lifelong and life changing skills to aid them through these rough teenage transition years, and into the future.   An officer (adult) is assigned to each flight specifically to mentor the cadet flight staff, as well as to watch for potential safety issues or hazing violations, all while monitoring the overall protection and safety of your cadet.

Officers are billeted in separate areas within the same building as your basic cadet.  Additionally, female cadets are billeted in separate rooms than male cadets (and when possible, separate floors).  CAP officers (adults) will monitor these floors during sleeping hours.  We adhere to a strict time schedule and lights out at a reasonable time to allow basic cadets at least 8 hours of sleep.  They are also served three nutritious meals per day and hydration with water is an absolute must [and high priority] for each cadet.

Questions and concerns can be emailed to the encampment staff at: